Onto Entertainment

Onto Entertainment is an independent management company/record label based in Seattle, WA. We’re a team that works with artists & puts out music that we love. It’s that simple really. We have the support of top-notch partners in distribution, marketing, production, and publicity, and we utilize every new media tool possible to support the releases. We’re always exploring new business models to best serve the artists and releases we represent. Mostly, we want artists to be able to release great, exciting, and challenging new music while building a lifelong career.

Onto is co-owned by David Meinert who has managed and released albums from a wide variety of independent groups ranging from Blue Scholars, Common Market, The Catheters, The Presidents of the United States of America, Maktub, and The Master Musicians of Jajouka, to major label groups like The Posies and Mary Lou Lord. Meinert also owns the legendary 5 Point Cafe, and is a partner of the Crocodile and Big Mario’s New York Pizza. Onto’s GM is Christen Greene who worked at the Velour Music Group in New York before coming to Seattle in 2009 to run Onto. She has guided the careers of The Lumineers, Hey Marseilles, Andrea Gibson, Kaki King, Dar Williams, Jeff Taylor and Chris Pureka on a management level. Also in the office is Grant Hathaway in management for all current Onto Entertainment clients including The Lumineers, Hey Marseilles and Andrea Gibson.